COP26 – “Ratcheting up” for the race to Net Zero

This year’s Conference of Parties (COP26) to be held in Glasgow, Scotland, is an important conference. It will be a test of what is informally known as the “ratchet mechanism” which was coined during the development of the Paris Agreement – so what does that mean, and why is it important?

Every Day | Earth Day

Since the very first Earth Day event in 1970, we have pumped more pollution into the air, rivers, ocean, soil and lungs of the planet than all of human history combined. These trends have been consistent, and show little sign of abating. At the same time, humanity has never been as aware, united and ready for radical, positive transformation as it is today.


This new article on the ECCO website from Deepa Pullanikkatil argues that urgent coronavirus related socioeconomic responses must be aligned with climate commitments, social equality and green recovery plans.