About ECCo

The Eswatini Climate Coalition (ECCo) is a grassroots collective promoting awareness, action and civic engagement around climate change in Eswatini – we aim to inform and empower all sectors of society by sharing news and information, as well as running projects, events, talks and workshops for the general public.

The science is clear, and the problems are vast. The Earth is facing a man-made climate breakdown and countries like Eswatini are already feeling the impacts. With a need for urgent action, ECCo brings concerned people together to engage in local climate action through events, advocacy, education and the sharing of news and information. The solutions to the climate crisis are in reach, and we need to act now.

We believe that global warming is not just an environmental concern – it is also a social, political and ethical issue. Climate Justice is the lens through which we can collectively realise a future that is socially equitable, ecologically healthy and truly sustainable.

To catalyze action, link stakeholders and increase public awareness and engagement about the climate crisis in Eswatini through events, projects, advocacy, research and the sharing of news and information.

A resilient, informed and engaged society in Eswatini that promotes social, environmental and climate justice, holds leaders accountable, and calls for the necessary responses to address the urgency of the climate crisis.

Being connected is a vital part of climate action

Contact us if you would like to get involved with our projects, submit articles, join discussion groups or be an active part of ECCo.

eswatini [dot] climate [at] gmail [dot] com